Digital Banking Services

Digital Banking

Digital Banking is one of the most convenient ways to bank. Our Digital Banking platform can be accessed online or with the VSECU Mobile Banking app. It is easy to use and offers helpful features that allow you to keep your finances in order and budget for future goals. Enroll in Digital Banking online or by downloading the mobile app to experience the full range of features.

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Once you’ve enrolled in Digital Banking, you can begin to take advantage of all the great features and benefits of the platform. Within Digital Banking, you will be able to do all of the following and more:

Manage Accounts


Within Digital Banking, you can quickly and easily view your balances, deposit and transfer funds, pay bills, order checks, view eStatements, and much more.

Personalize Your Dashboard


Our Digital Banking platform allows you to add a profile picture, organize your accounts, and display only the information you need.

Control Cards


Control all your credit cards in one platform. View card activity, request/activate new cards, set alerts, turn cards on/off, set travel notifications, and more.

Set Goals


Set and track your savings goals to keep you on course for your next vacation, home upgrade, or other dream purchase.

Get Secure Support


Got a question? Look through our FAQs or reach out to support staff for answers through our convenient, secure messaging system.

Pay Loans with Debit


Pay the balance due on your VSECU loans with a debit card from another financial institution simply and easily within Digital Banking.


The VSECU Mobile Banking app allows you to do everything you can do online (and a little more) on the go.


Mobile Deposit makes it easy to deposit money into your account by simply taking a picture of your check with your mobile device and uploading it to the app.*

Simple Sign-On


Digital Banking is one streamlined platform. Whether you’re signing on from mobile or from your computer, your sign-on credentials will always be the same.

*VSECU will establish a deposit limit for your account based on a variety of factors. You will be notified periodically of your limit and any changes. To view the full disclosure please view the Mobile Banking Disclosure.

Bill Pay

VSECU Bill Pay is a fast and convenient way to pay bills, without writing a check, and schedule one-time or recurring payments. With Bill Pay, you save money and time and reduce paper waste. VSECU members can sign up for Bill Pay within Digital Banking. Once you’re enrolled, you can use Bill Pay online and on mobile. For support, call 855-874-2836.


  • Scheduling: Schedule your payments for the day they are due, and the new system will ensure they reach the payee on time, regardless of whether they are sent electronically or by check. All of your payees will now appear in one list, making it easier to set up several payments and submit them all with just one button.
  • Payment: Depending on the relationship Bill Pay has with the payee, your payment may be processed electronically or by check. You will be able to see which method will be used after you schedule each payment.
  • Processing: The payee will receive your payment on the “deliver by” date you choose when scheduling the payment. In some cases, the funds will be deducted from your account on the morning of the “deliver by” date, and in some cases the funds will be deducted days later when a check is presented to clear. If your “deliver by” date falls on a weekend or holiday, the funds may be deducted from your account on the business day preceding the “deliver by” date.


Receiving your account statements electronically helps protect you as well as the environment. While reducing paper waste is important, eStatements benefit you in a wide range of ways. You receive your statements and tax forms earlier than you would if you were waiting for paper to arrive through the mail. You also enjoy the security of knowing your financial information won’t be taken from your mailbox and will be stored safely in Digital Banking for two years.

Accepting eStatements is part of the Digital Banking enrollment process. You have the option to decline eStatements, but if you change your mind later, you can always enroll within Digital Banking online or on mobile.

User Guide

Not sure how to do something in Digital Banking? We’ve got you covered. Our user guide offers step-by-step instructions to help you get up to speed fast. Simply download the guide and click on the appropriate link in the Table of Contents to find the instructions you need.

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