Credit Building

If you have zero credit, are looking to rebuild, or just looking to maintain your existing score, our credit building options might be the perfect answer. With a Savings Secured VERMONT Platinum Visa® credit card, the funds are deposited and held in your Share Savings account, allowing you to get approved with any credit score. With a Savings or Certificate Secured Loan, the funds are deposited into a Special Savings Account or Certificate. You then borrow against that special savings or certificate account at an additional 3% interest rate.

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Savings Secured VERMONT Platinum Credit Card

The Secured Credit Card uses the money in your Share Savings Account as collateral for the credit limit. You can build or rebuild your credit over time by using this card and by making monthly payments on time. After a year, you may reapply for the card to have the hold on your deposit account lifted.



This credit card has a minimum limit of $500 and a $15,000 maximum


We don’t believe you should have to pay just to have access to credit building tools.


Featuring variable rates, just like our standard VERMONT Platinum card.


After one year we may be able to release the hold on your Share Savings account.

Savings Secured & Certificate Secured Loans

If you need to work on your credit score or want a low interest option, a Savings or Certificate Secured Loan may be the perfect answer. If you have a certificate or funds on deposit that you don’t need access to for daily or monthly needs, you can borrow against that money to secure a flexible and manageable loan.

Don’t have a certificate or funds on deposit to secure the loan? Ask us about our credit-builder option.



This loan has a minimum limit of $300 with no maximum.


Priced at 3% above the Special Savings and CD rates you are earning.


Flexible terms and manageable payments to help build and maintain your credit.


Instant approval for accounts opened with funds on deposit more than 30 days.

Our online loan application offers quick results, sometimes letting qualified applicants know of approval instantly.

If you are already a member and want to apply for a product online, it’s easier to apply once you’ve logged into your Digital Banking. That way we can save you time by pre-filling the application with the general information we already have on file for you.