Savings Accounts

Your savings account is a basic building block of your financial well-being. To support healthy savings habits, we offer two main accounts, which will help you organize your funds for specific goals. The Share Savings account establishes you as a member of VSECU and acts as your primary savings account. You can then open Special Savings accounts that are dedicated to saving for specific purposes (vacation, a new car, etc.). If you’re serious about saving, set up direct deposit so that a portion of your paycheck is automatically deposited to your savings account(s).

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Share Savings

You are officially a member when you open a Share Savings account with a minimum $25 deposit. Our Share Savings account offers a competitive rate and dividends are compounded and credited monthly. If you bank with a different financial institution, compare your current earnings to what you could be earning at VSECU.



Savings accounts shouldn’t cost money.
In most cases, Share Savings accounts in good standing are fee-free. Learn more.


By offering competitive rates, this account can support your overall savings plan and help you reach your financial goals.


Your Share Savings account establishes you as a VSECU member, earning you access to a host of Member Rewards.


Setting up an account is easy, whether you apply online or visit one of our nine branch locations.


Account Type APY Minimum Daily Balance to Earn APY
Share Savings 0.05% None

APY effective as of 8/6/2021 and may change after account opening.

Special Savings

Are you saving for something specific like tax payments, holiday gifts, or a vacation? A Special Savings account, dedicated to each of your purchasing goals, can help you keep track of your money and ensure that you’re putting enough away.



Your Special Savings account dividends are compounded monthly and credited to your account.


By allocating your money to individual accounts, you can organize your finances and achieve your financial goals.


With Special Savings accounts, there’s no limit to the number of savings goals you can achieve.

5 minimum balance


You will need at least $5 to open this account but there is no minimum balance to maintain it.


Account Type APY Minimum Daily Balance to Earn APY
Special Savings 0.05% None

APYs effective as of 4/1/2020 and may change after account opening.

You can complete this online application to open a credit union savings, checking, money market or certificate of deposit account. You will have the option to fund the account via ACH debit or credit, and if you are an existing member you may do an ACH debit or credit or transfer from an existing account. If you are already a member and want to apply for a product online, it’s easier to apply once you’ve logged into our Online Banking system. That way we can save you time by pre-filling the application with the general information we already have on file for you. If you’re not already a member, it takes moments to join. The application will guide you through the process.