VBiz Fees

Tips to Avoid Fees

There are two kinds of fees associated with VBiz accounts, Account Fees and Service Fees, but let’s face it, nobody likes paying fees that are unnecessary. And we don’t want to charge unnecessary fees. Although there are some fees that cannot be avoided when you choose to use a particular product or service, there are ways to avoid or reduce some fees altogether. Here are some helpful tips with the most common fees:


Instead of using an ATM, ask for cash back at a retail store. There may be dollar limits on getting cash back free, but even if there is a charge, it’s usually a lot less than the surcharge fee charged by the ATM owner. You can also get cash free of any surcharge fee at any CO-OP ATM in the U.S. These ATMs are owned by credit unions and no fee is imposed.


Keeping an accurate record of your account is the most important tip to avoid overdrawing your account and getting charged with this fee. For added security consider overdraft protection or appending a line of credit to your account.


You can avoid this fee by making sure you don’t use your savings account as a transaction account. A good rule of thumb is to keep your monthly transactions to no more than six per month. When you conduct a transaction from one of your savings accounts face to face with a teller, that transaction is exempt from being counted.


If you sign up for online access to your account(s) you won’t need a paper copy sent to you. Instead you can download a copy of your statement or a copy of a check yourself and print it at home or work. Online banking is free.


Account fees are assessed when unfavorable transactions occur on your accounts. These fees are assessed to cover any costs due to VSECU and/or are associated with additional account maintenance resulting from the transaction. Assessing these fees on an individual basis allows us to continue to return the best rates to the membership as a whole.

Action Fee
Non-sufficient Funds/Overdrafts (applies to: overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means) $28.00 per NSF item returned or per overdraft item paid
Uncollected Funds $28.00 per item Paid or Returned
Closed Membership $20.00 if within 90 days
Returned Statement (1st incident) $5.00 – future mailings suspended
Excessive Transactions
(for Savings Accounts)
$5.00 each
Excessive Transactions
(for VGreen Money Market Accounts)
$10.00 each
Overdraft Transfer from Savings $3.00 per transfer
Failed ACH Payment $20.00 each


Service fees are assessed on an individual basis for additional services requested of VSECU. These fees are assessed only when applicable for a service provided. This allows us to keep operating costs low for the overall membership and return the best rates possible for deposit and loan products.

Service Fee
Account Reconciliation/Research $25.00 per hour
Domestic Wire Transfer (outgoing) $20.00 per transfer
International Wire Transfer (outgoing) $40.00 per transfer
Domestic Wire Transfer (incoming) $10.00 each
ACH Origination Online $20.00 per month
Paper Statement $5.00 per month
Paper Statement Copy $5.00 each
Temporary Checks $2.00 per sheet of 4
Check Order Prices Prices vary per style
Check Photocopy $3.00 per copy
Money Order $5.00 each
Stale Dated Returned Check1 $5.00 per item
Legal Processing Fee (writ, levy, etc.) $50.00 each
Stop Payment (Single check, Multiple checks within range, ACH) $20.00
ATM Surcharge Other institutions may charge to use their ATMs (see free ATMs)
Abandoned Property/Escheatment Processing Fee $25 per membership
Business Check Card Replacement $10.00 per card; $40.00 expedited
Business Check Card Termination $5.00 per member’s request
Official Check (Cashier’s Check) $5.00 each
Official Check/Money Order Replacement $20.00 each

1 Note: A stale-dated check is 6 months old unless otherwise noted.