Home Energy Loan Program

Formerly the Heat Saver Loan program, the Home Energy Loan program features discounted interest rates on energy efficiency projects and purchases, based on household income. Upgrades covered by this program include weatherization, cold climate heat pumps, wood and pellet stoves, solar hot water installations, appliances, electric vehicle charging equipment and installation, and advanced modern wood heating systems. Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are not eligible for the Home Energy Loan. The VGreen Energy Improvement Loan is a great option for DIYers who want to finance their energy improvements.

For your project to be eligible, the building must be

  • a residential owner-occupied 1-4 family unit, and
  • physically located in Vermont.

Eligible contractors can be found here. To ensure your project meets the specifications for eligibility, direct any questions to Efficiency Vermont at 1-888-921-5990.

Note: Vermont Gas customers are eligible to finance ductless heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, and qualifying appliances.

If you have an existing VSECU Heat Saver Loan and would like to add funds for a qualified weatherization project, we may be able to refinance your old loan at the new rates.† Minimum new money amount $1,500.

View the steps to apply.


Residential loan options are available with terms up to 15 years for amounts up to $20,000.

Calculate your loan payment below:

Enter the amount you wish to borrow:

Household Income Qualifications Loan Term Loan Rate (APR) Monthly Payment
Household Income Over $90,000 *
Term up to 5 years: 4.99%†
Term > 5 years; up to 10 years: 5.99%†
Term > 10 years; up to 15 years: 6.99%†
36 months 4.99%†
60 months 4.99%†
120 months 5.99%†
180 months 6.99%†
Household Income $60,000 – $90,000 *
Term up to 5 years: 0%†
Term > 5 years; up to 10 years: 2.99%
Term > 10 years; up to 15 years: 3.99%
36 months 0%†
60 months 0%†
120 months 2.99%
180 months 3.99%
Household Income Below $60,000 *
Term up to 5 years: 0%
Term > 5 years; up to 10 years: 1.99%
Term > 10 years; up to 15 years: 2.99%
36 months 0%
60 months 0%
120 months 1.99%
180 months 2.99%

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR is effective as of 8/1/2019 and reflects the current APR offered for the term listed. Estimated monthly payments shown are based on a $15,000 loan. Calculated payments shown are for estimation purposes only. Actual loan payment amount will be disclosed at loan closing and may differ slightly.

*Income qualification guidelines apply. Terms are available from 1 to 15 years. APR will be adjusted based on household income and term. Other rates and terms may apply. Secured loan options available upon request; minimum secured amount borrowed is $5,000.



  1. To start, work with an eligible contractor to specify the qualifying products or services for your project (detailed quote of project costs required).
  2. Complete the Home Energy Loan project verification form with the contractor.
  3. Apply for your loan online. (Note: select “Home Energy Loan” in the product drop-down list)
  4. A VSECU representative will contact you to discuss your loan application.

For questions about project or contractor eligibility, contact Efficiency Vermont at 1-888-921-5990.