Powering Ideas to Make Communities Thrive

Have you ever had an idea that could help make your community a better place, but not known where to start? ShareYourself connects those with great ideas to people who want to contribute time and skills to make a difference in their local community. Through their online platform, you can become a project creator by submitting your idea, or volunteer your time and expertise as a project expert. Visit ShareYourself




Who it Helps:

With an online platform, ShareYourself truly is everywhere; all it’s missing is you. The goal is to help anyone, anywhere who wants to make their community a better place. The ShareYourself team built the platform so that they can reach communities across the country and around the world. Everyone is encouraged to become a part of the movement, and any community can benefit!

How it Works:

Register at as a creator, an expert, or both. As a creator, you can submit a new idea, whether it’s developing a community mural, creating a park, or eradicating an invasive species. When you register as an expert you share your skills and abilities that you want to contribute. ShareYourself does the rest by matching creators with experts and resources to make these ideas become reality.

About the Partnership:

With ShareYourself, we at VSECU saw an opportunity to truly transform the way people build community projects, help each other, and build the movement for shared prosperity. VSECU is supporting the beta testing of the ShareYourself platform through an investment by our wholly owned, independent operated subsidiary VHFG, and with outreach and communication support. Are you interested?
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Our vision is to inspire a movement that brings people together to empower the possibilities for greater financial, environmental and social prosperity. As part of fulfilling this vision, we “power” initiatives that represent innovative efforts to stimulate social and economic opportunities through collaboration and cooperation.